Beyond collapse (free e-book)

Surviving and rebuilding civilization from scratch.

This book is an absolute must have if you want to survive and thrive!

Civilizations come and go…

…and they don’t always go quietly. In our global civilization, the consequence of it all crashing is going to be far-reaching, and with nowhere to hide. With so many moving parts and a lack of long-term stewardship by our leaders, odds are good that you will want to make at least a few preparations… but the question you often ask is: how? That’s where I come in.

In Beyond Collapse, we not only get you prepared for such an event, but we also help you and your fellow survivors come together, defend one another, preserve what may be lost and rebuild civilization together.

Unlike most books of this type, we don’t require a paramilitary mindset, tinfoil headgear, bunkers, or living “off-grid”. Everything in here is geared towards gaining skills and resources that are just as useful and socially acceptable in peaceful times as they will be when society and civilization crashes.

You will find this book useful for beginners, or those who have been preparing for a long time. The best part is, you will find it useful even if civilization holds up just fine.

It is advisible to print the free copy, because should the grid go down you would no longer have access to this information.

However should you prefer not to print all those pages by yourself (over 400 of them) then you could choose to buy the book here.

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